Uncategorized What the heck is a jacquard, anyway?

What the heck is a jacquard, anyway?

Jacquard sofa
The client wanted as close as possible to the original jacquard, and nailed it!

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed to be true here at Rose City, it’s that if you have one of something, suddenly you will have several. This is the only possible explanation for the fact that we’re currently doing work for FOUR customers named Terry and THREE customers named Linda.

The reason I bring this up is that we’ve had a bunch of customers select formal jacquard fabrics for their chair projects.

Charlotte Fabrics has been the preferred vendor for this product, since they have such rich colors and interesting patterns.

A little glamour for an already striking chair

Luxury fabrics has some similar products too, that come pretreated with a Nano-tex stain repellent, which is a big benefit when you’re using your formal furniture for entertaining (Glass of red wine, anyone? How about some coffee?).

All of these pieces sparkle like jewels with their glossy new covers. Jacquard is a great way to bring some glitz to a small antique chair.

If you’re going over the top, might as well go all the way.