Uncategorized Suggestions for 1st Time Customers, Part II

Suggestions for 1st Time Customers, Part II

Consider what your priorities are for the next phase of your furniture’s life. Is it endurance in the presence of pets or children, soil avoidance, or softness? What is most important now? For empty nesters, it might be style and beauty as opposed to child proofing. For octogenarians it might be pet proofing and comfort rather than infinite longevity. For a newly single person, it could be to change up the color and texture entirely, to fit a new life.

Whatever might have gone wrong (in terms of wear and soil) in the former life of your piece doesn’t mean it will do again, because your lifestyle has likely changed, and this will continue. Remember to balance practical considerations with the ineffable values of delight and beauty for a piece that you will deeply enjoy over the long term.

The arrival or departure of a beloved pet can be an opportunity to think about the type of use your furniture receives.

When you’ve decided on your fabric, it’s time to get on our calendar. Your purchase of fabric initiates a contract for work with us. We handle all the delivery and sourcing issues when you buy your fabric from us.

Nothing will make an old beige sofa exciting again like a bold new fabric

We are also able to collaborate with some great businesses to provide refinishing and textile protection, and can integrate their services in to our contract.

Because we do beautiful work, we have a wait list!  This means that those weeks will go by before we need your project in the shop; these are weeks of simply waiting for folks ahead of you in line as they have their projects finished first. At the end of the wait time, we will be ready to get started on yours, and we’ll contact you to bring it over. You can arrange pickup and drop off yourself for free, or we can arrange a delivery service for an additional $85.00 each way.

Once it is in the shop, it will take anywhere from a few days to a month to complete: This is time during which we remove the fabric, diagnose any interior problems that need to be addressed, and begin restoring and remaking your piece, all by hand.

All elements of your project are done by hand, from the springs and webbing, all the way to the final cover.

As soon as your project is finished, we call and email you that it is ready to pick up. You pay the balance in person at our shop and take the piece with you, or we arrange a delivery. Now is the time to enjoy your furniture’s new lease on life!