Uncategorized Suggestions for 1st Time Customers

Suggestions for 1st Time Customers

For first time customers and folks unaccustomed to working with custom handcraft workshops (upholsterers, like us!), we would like to answer our most common question:

“How does this work?”

First, we begin by giving you a free quote, which gives you an idea of costs, what sort of work will be done and what to expect during the process.

Send us pictures of your project, some basic measurements, and what you want to accomplish to info@rosecityupholstery.com, and we will get back to you within a couple of days with a price for the labor required to recover/repair/restore your furniture, and an estimate of how much fabric you will require.

 We are also able to collaborate with some great businesses to provide refinishing and textile protection, and can integrate their services in to your contract.

The next step is to choose your fabric or leather. Reach out to us via email and we can send a link to our calendar for you to schedule a FREE consultation over Zoom or phone.  Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions, and guide you in the process of selecting fabric, and updates for your furniture.  All of our fabric samples are available to take home for up to 7 days, and we are happy to curate a selection for you based on your needs, taste and requirements.

Our sample room offers decor fabrics from a variety of vendors

For this appointment, have some ideas in mind with what you’d like to do with your project. Inspirations from magazines or Pinterest, as well as pictures of the room into which the piece will go are hugely helpful in narrowing the scope from the thousands of fabrics we have on hand.

You are welcome to check out samples from our library and take them home for a week. It is crucial to view likely contenders of fabric in the light and near the colors of the room it will inhabit. Environment is so important when choosing fabric!  

Designer Nicole Curcio uses the palette in her art to build colors and textures in her living spaces


Colors and textures that look great or dull in one space can look completely opposite in your own environment. Remember to choose a few options that surprise you. Often the most exciting and delicious designs are those that arise when we break out of the box of what we think we want!

For more design inspiration and decor items, check out Nicole and Well Traveled Wares 

Next month, read about the next steps in the process…