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Is it Worth it?

One of the questions we hear most frequently from callers and customers is “Is it worth it?”

This beloved chair came in with a broken frame and only 3 legs

This question is a hard one to answer, as there are a few different factors that come into play when determining the value of a piece. Ultimately, this is more of a question to ask yourself as you look at your project. A few things to consider as you’re trying to decide whether to reupholster your furniture, or perhaps buy something new:

First and foremost, do you like it? Is this a piece of furniture you’ve enjoyed having, that’s comfortable for you, and fits your style but perhaps just needs updating or upgrading? We have clients who just love the pieces that they have, but due to wear and tear need new fabric on them, and sometimes new padding and cushions. One of our clients had us redo a sofa that was horribly damaged by cats while their home was being rented, but asked us to redo it because it was always the perfect size for them, and with a low seat, it fit their shorter family members just right.

This sofa needed all new everything due to extensive cat damage

Second, does it have sentimental value, or is it a family piece? In recent months we’ve had a few projects come in that had been in the same family for generations. One of the pieces was even built by the customer’s grandfather. Another client had us redo a sofa that was purchased by her grandparents in the 20s for a whopping $200 (which was a lot of money at the time). She has pictures of them sitting on it when they were first married. Another client recovered an old recliner as a remembrance of her father who had passed away, and who had spent hours in the chair every day.


The client’s grandparents on their new sofa, sometime in the early 20th century
The same sofa now, with restyled arms, new fabric and padding

Lastly, how easy is it to replace? We see some pretty unique pieces of vintage and antique furniture that have no equivalent in modern stores. Sometimes the pieces do tricks, or are the perfect size or shape for a certain part of your home. Other pieces have travelled from other countries and have profiles that are exotic compared to pieces manufactured for sale in the US.

After completion, the chair that has seen 3 continents in its lifetime was back in shape again.

Ultimately, when it comes to the value of furniture, as the owner it is good to know first what the piece means to you, and how it fits into your home. After that it’s much easier to decide what to do with a potential project.