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Change my chair

A client had an older frame that she wanted to restyle for a spot in her bedroom. While most of the changes were cosmetic, we had a few structural modifications that were needed to make her chair look like the inspiration piece she found in a catalog.

A customer’s inspiration made into reality. The client provided the photo on the left, and we created the chair on the right.

The customer’s chair had coil springs, while the inspiration chair had sinuous springs, so we had to reinforce the front edge of the seat so that the new waterfall skirt would not tear when the springs flexed. This also helped make the seat firmer.

After removing all of the old padding and fabric, we restyled the arms from a rolled style to a square or tuxedo style, which involved removing the old framing and replacing it with a new flat piece of lumber, and padding it to the correct shape and style.


Most of the interior is now restyled

Once the arms and seat were redesigned, we added more padding to the inside back to give it a thicker profile, and allow for a smaller back cushion.

Thicker back padding makes the frame look more substantial

The last steps were to close the outsides with a waterfall or dressmaker style skirt for the chair and ottoman.
The finished piece is now more elegant and contemporary and a much better fit to their eclectic bedroom.

The matching chair and ottoman now ready for delivery