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Built in seating for everyone


With a lot of local homes being on the more compact side, we have a lot of clients looking to built-in seating to maximize the utility of smaller spaces, or unusual locations.

Communication is key when starting the design process, since there is no standard size for custom cushions.  Be sure to speak with your builder and have an idea how thick you want your cushions to be so that the casework is built accordingly.  Most people find a 17″-20″ seat comfortable, but be sure to accommodate for your table if you’re doing a kitchen.  We recommend trying out different pieces of furniture in your home to figure out what height and depth is most comfortable for you.

Banquette or booth seating in kitchens allows for maximum seating in a space that might not accommodate an equivalent number of chairs or stools. A lot of builders include lids or drawers in the casework as auxiliary storage for infrequently used items.

Many clients opt for Sunbrella fabrics or faux leather/vinyl for ease of use and simpler cleanup. Fabrics with stain repellents like Teflon or NanoTex are a great option for back cushions which receive less wear and tear but are still at risk for food stains.

Some clients even opt for restaurant style booths for a more diner inspired Mid-Century look.

Built-ins are also a great option for libraries or play rooms, as they can be proportioned to fit the space more effectively than sofas or chairs. One client used the casework as the unifying element between a loose cushion “sofa” and bookshelves behind it, with the additional benefit of having loose cushions for forts and story time.

With a wide variety of shapes styles and sizes available, built in seating can be a solution to solve small space and usage problems in almost any room in a house.