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Beds and Headboards

We’ve been having an increasing number of requests for custom bed frames and headboards lately. There are so many sizes, shapes and styles to choose from that many of our customers don’t know where to start! Headboard shape is usually the first question we ask and I recently found this image to help clients find the right vocabulary.


In most cases, we’re creating just a custom headboard, like this one we did for the TV show “Grimm” for their first season. Tufting is incredibly popular for headboards, both with and without buttons, as it creates a soft look and a comfortable feel if you’re sitting up reading.


Sometimes we’re building a whole upholstered frame. This client wanted some turned legs to make a king sized bed look a little less massive in scale.


Our most recent project was for an adjustable bed in a contemporary home. What looked like a huge piece of furniture in our shop fit perfectly into their space, and balanced the tall and deep mattresses.


Ultimately the things to take into consideration when planning a custom bed are size, shape and use. Make sure you have enough room for side rails and a foot board in your room, if you want that sort of look. If you like to have lots of pillows on your bed, make sure the headboard is big enough to have presence above and around them. And most importantly, make sure that you measure your mattress and box spring for the project, so that you have enough clearance for making the bed, but not so much that you can get lost in the space between.


Upholstered beds are a great way to make a bedroom more cozy, and make a personal decorative statement. They are a great way to add comfort and style to the room where most of us spend a good 8 hours of our day.